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We offer industrial and mechanical design helping customers to quickly roll out product prototypes and eventually mass production.

About Us

Vistar Technology Inc. is a joint-venture company in Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Vistar is a high-tech company specializes in the design, research, and development of video technology, RF application, and radio freqency identification technology(RFID).

Not only providing hardware solutions, but Vistar also provides software, application systems, and technical services.



RFID is considered one of the most important and revolutionary technologies with biggest market potencial in the century. Currently, the company possesses its product branding and intellectual property, the RFID products that it develops and markets include low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), ultra-high frequency (UHF), microwave (2.4Ghz) readers, modules, inlays, tags, and IC chips.

Our main application packages and system solutions include Automated Vehicle management system, School Surveillance and Security System, Library Management System, Conference and Access Control System, Convocation Management system, Warehouse Management System, Asset Management System, Hospital Management System, Automobile Inspection System and so on.
Also, Vistar is familiar with RF/Bluetooth technology and has successfully developed a smart multi-functioned remote control with 2.45G RF of Bluetooth technology. This smart remote control integrates the control key, Qwerty keyboard, and mouse function into one device. It's the best choice for Smart TV, IPTV Set-top-box, Android box,... and so on. This smart remote provides user-friendly control and allows the users to surf the internet to the word and compile or edit documents as easily as you do with PC.

Our Advantages

our advantages

Excellent Management Team

The management team has years of experience in electronics manufacturing, and has fully mastered production efficiency, defect-free rate and manufacturing capability, thus effectively lowering production cost and enhancing product quality and market competitiveness.

Full Command Of Company’s Core Competence

The company has a highly flexible, varied and short-delivery manufacturing capability. Production mobility, flexibility, efficiency and quality assurance are our core company competencies as well as the foundation for our long-term operation.

Comprehensive And Sound Customer Services

Based on customers’ need, we combine logistics and supply Based on customers’ need, we combine logistics and supply management system to provide a streamlined service to eliminate material preparation and production problems for customers, enabling them to ship without worries.

Economic Scale And Flexible Production Capacity

The company has been expanding its scale of production over the past decade. To meet the demand for diversified customized products and customer volume, the company has shortened production time, reduced cost, and increased competitive capability.

Crisis Management Capabilities

We provide customer-oriented product repair and maintenance services. We assume responsibility by identifying the problem, determining production error, developing supporting programs, and following-up on the problem. We continue to improve countermeasures to satisfy our customers.

Customized Process Capability

Unlimited product range, fulfill customer needs, short order-to-delivery cycle, increased customer satisfaction.


Our main market

In the international markets, our products have made their entries in the United States, China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Middle East, and other customers group.

Eastern Asia 35%
Southeast Asia 20%
Domestic Markert 35%
Western Europe 10%

What we are offering on ODM/ OEM Projects:

- Impressive R&D capabilities
- Rapid design and development speed
- A large number of Off-The-Shelf product combinations
- Offer longevity support designs and solutions

Initial planning

- RFQ Evaluation
- Early Planning

Project Kick-Off

- Specification Affirmation
- Schedule Estimation

Product Design

- Schematic Design Development
- PCB Layout Development

Sample Test

- Sample Trial Production
- Entire Sample Tests.

Product Development

- Documentation
- Certifications on demand

Product Delivery

We always welcome customization projects of any difficulties, because due to reach ODM/ OEM experience of our PM and R&D teams, we can guarantee that the project will be accomplished at the highest standards.

OEM factoy photo application work

Prefer a Design is Ready to go?

Our off-the shelf models provide the ideal blend of price and time-to-market.



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